Our Programs

Our Programs

The Mind Lab has worked with researchers and experts to develop a comprehensive program, for youth between the ages of 10 and 20, to equip them with the skills and tools needed for the challenges of today. This program focuses on human-centred design, social entrepreneurship, and personal growth.

The Mind Lab’s new program builds on the past experience and wealth of resources created by the Mind Lab over the past six years. This program introduces students to Design Thinking, project design and management, as well as mindfulness and self-expression. To insure high quality, the program content is based on materials developed by leading institutions such as the International Youth Foundation, and the universities of Stanford, Georgetown, and Manchester. In order for the Mind Lab to reflect a human-centred approach in all its program components, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are used as a theme for its workshops.


Little Engineer
Engineering (K – 12): from building rockets to designing circuits and more, our program offers a variety of activities that children are sure to enjoy. Our team guides the young engineers in the right direction to learn engineering basics, simple mechanics, and other technical skills.
Discover the world of engineering, physics and building basics. A program for the young to be creative and implement various projects and purposeful scientific experiments through hands-on projects. The student learns about the basics of engineering and the laws of physics that govern them, such as:
Discovering wind energy and its uses
Simple machines – simple electrical circuits and their applications – sounds and light, and their practical applications.
*Training Kit included

Light Zone

Join us making drawing robots, multiple games and explore electronics and magnets.
This program allows you to discover how batteries, magnets and electrical circuits work, and their applications to make many different projects and designs.
This program is implemented in the classroom.

Architecture & Design

Calling all future architects! This program introduces architectural science engineering and building basics.We’ll go through sequential stages of planning and designing to build a modern house according to the foundations of architecture. Drawing and implementation depends on the use of special professional materials and tools. This program is offered for grades 5 and above.
~Training kit included

3D Printing
Explore the world of 3D printers and the future of technology and model building. Watch your projects come to live and be free to use your creativity!
This program allows students to observe and build in a modern environment using the latest machines. In collaboration with a CPF initiative, TechWorks is a fabrication lab located in King Hussein Business Park and is a hub for this program.

Laser Cut & Design
Designing and making 2D and 3D projects while exploring modern laser cutting machines. This program gives the students the opportunity to use their imagination and artistic skills to create endless ideas of projects, sculptures and toys.
In collaboration with a CPF initiative, TechWorks is a fabrication lab located in King Hussein Business Park and is a hub for this program.


A program for our students to learn the basics of building robots, sensors, coding, and programming. This course also combines technology, math, and science in a fun and interactive sessions that helps students to develop communication and team-work skills.
We offer two programs to cater ges 5 to 17

WeDo 2.0 Robotics

Using LEGO WeDo 2.0 kits, a technology based program to explore the world of building robots, machinery, sensors and motions. This program offers multiple levels, and also focuses on team building skills and creative thinking.
The course is presented for grades KG2 to 5. This program is implemented in the classroom.

Ev3 Robotics

Advanced level of robotics program suitable for ages 10 and above. The program covers several topics in engineering, mathematics, and planning. This program focuses on teaching the student through experimentation, team collaboration, and problem solving techniques. This program is implemented in the classroom.

Clean & Green

A set of activities to raise the student’s awareness of the importance of agriculture and the preservation of the environment by applying the foundations of traditional and modern agriculture and recycling, in addition to developing the student’s sensory skills in exploration and research in nature and plants and how to take care of them. This program is implemented in the classroom and outside area.

*Training kit included

Design Thinking

The Mind Lab continuously create new workshops and training programs that focuses on creative thinking and problem solving techniques that makes the students of all games better ready for today’s challenges. Our Mindfulness program is dedicated for teenagers to help better communicate and translate their feelings to others while also focusing on multiple social skills.