About Us

The Mind Lab is an award-winning social enterprise, established in 2012 by a group of college students with a mission to increase access to quality education and prepare students with skills for today’s challenges.

The Mind Lab’s Work is mainly in underserved and refugee communities across Jordan. The organization has trained and mentored over 10,000 students in seven cities and developed a number of curricula for educators, teachers, and nonprofits. Focusing on high quality services in edutainment activities, the Mind Lab offers a variety of programs in Design Thinking, Robotics, Engineering and much more.

Growing as an Organization, the Mind Lab established a physical center that provides a safe space for exploration and learning. With state-of-the-art facilities and an expert team that will deliver the Mind Lab’s material to students and offer courses from top universities and institutions. Additionally, the Mind Lab conducts in-house research and development of new curricula, making the Mind Lab a major player in Jordanian education. Earning it local recognition as a Jordanian success story the King of Jordan and international awards such as the Obama Foundation Scholars Program and the Dalai Lama Fellowship.

Looking to Scale our Impact and adjusting to the new realities the COVID pandemic, the team was determined to continue delivering quality hands-on programs to underserved communities while expanding our reach beyond Jordan.  This is when we started testing Educational Kits.

The Mind Lab created multiple engineering kits so our programs can reach kids beyond our classrooms and be available online around the world. Our kits include all tools and materials needed to complete a level of the selected program. The kits are paired with instructional videos that give a step-by-step demonstration of each project to explain the scientific background and achieve optimum learning objectives.
Currently we provide the following kits:


Clean and Green Kit

Covering environmental awareness with basic and advanced levels

Science and Engineering kit

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Architecture and Design kit

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Each kit also includes an instructional manual from our curriculum that is written, designed, and revised by our team. We have put together this manual to help the students with instructions and to explain each project in detail. The team consists of young and talented Jordanian engineers and designers that worked together to develop the kits.

Looking to the Future, after completing successful testing and establishing clear systems for the kits, the team is looking for support to scale its work to the next level. Through funding, advice, and mentor support, we are hoping to improve our internal operations, the technical quality of our Impact Value Chain, and the reach more children across the world through a buy-one give-one model. The Mind Lab has the history, connections, and know-how to ensure this program’s success, but need guidance and support to make it a reality.

Meet the team

Narina Zendaki


BBA Business Management
+10 years of experience in project management, teaching, training, and developing educational content

Tala Al Issa

Marketing Specialist & Assistant Manager

BBA in Marketing and Management
+4 years of experience in communications, marketing and administration

Heba Faqih

Head Trainer & Content Developer

BSc Software Engineering
+8 years of experience as a teacher, trainer, and content developer

Lian Zendaki

Trainer & Engineering specialist

BSc Horticulture and Crop Science
+4 years experience as a teacher, trainer, and content developer