About Us

Mind Lab

The Mind Lab is an award-winning social enterprise, established in 2012 with a mission to increase access to quality education and prepare students with skills for today’s needs.

To achieve its mission, the Mind Lab provides both training and curriculum development services in robotics, engineering, and design thinking, to schools and organizations across Jordan.

The Mind Lab has an educational center in Amman, with operating partners working in underprivileged areas across Jordan. The company has trained and mentored 8,000 students so far and has developed a number of curricula for educators and non-profits.

For its work, it has been recognized by His Majesty King Abdullah II as a Jordanian success story and awarded multiple fellowships, such as the Obama Foundation Fellowship and Laureate Global Fellowships.

Meet the Team

Hamza Arsbi

Founder and Executive Director, BA Psychology, MSc International Development: Public Policy and Management, 7 years of experience in project management, content development, and administration.

Narina Zendaki

Head Trainer and Center Director, BA Business Administration and over 10 years of experience in project management, teaching, and developing educational content.

Tala Al Issa

Social Media and Marketing Specialist, BA in Business Administration and Management.

Hiba Al-Faqih

Training and Content Development, BSc Software Engineering with 8 years of experience as a teacher.

Lian Zendaki

Training and Content Development, BA Agricultural Engineering with over 3 years of experience.

Our Training Courses


To ensure students do not only develop technical skills, but also creative problem solving and life skills, the Mind Lab uses its own Design Thinking model to guide all our courses:

This program is designed for out students to discover engineering basics, building basics, simple mechanics, and physics in an interactive and safe environment. It is suited for ages 5 to 9.

Engineering: K-6th Grade

A technology based program that uses LEGO WeDo 2.0 kits to explore the world of building robots, machinery, sensors, and motions. It is available in levels 1 and 2 and suited for ages 5 and above.

Robotics: 1-9th grade


Entrepreneurship: 1-9th grade + Teachers Training

The Mind Lab provides the following services

All our programs are made with our customers rather than for them. Our programs offer services which help children develop new skills, provide a safe space after school to help working parents, and create a fun environment for learning. Our ability to constantly develop new material gives us the agility to evolve with changing needs.

Curriculum Development

Our team provides development services and consultancy to other schools, organizations, and non-profits. Content developed so far range in topics from arts and life skills to engineering and science.

Homework club

Crating a safe space for children to spend time after school and finish their homework with the support of our supervisors until their parents are done with work.

School trips, and Fun-Science events

In partnership with schools, the Mind Lab provides fun day activities, in-school courses, and engaging science fun events to students.

Summer Camps and Winter Camps

The Mind Lab creates a fun and relaxing environments for children to enjoy their break while also exploring new concepts, developing new skills, and experimenting with science.