Welcome to MindLab

The Mind Lab is an award-winning social enterprise, established in 2012 with a mission to increase access to quality education and prepare students with skills for today’s challenges. The Mind Lab’s works in areas across Jordan. We have trained and mentored 8,000 students in seven cities and developed a number of curricula for educators, teachers, and non-profits.

Content Development
With constant research and development of new content done in-house, the Mind Lab ensures high quality programs which are updated regularly to cater to our students’ needs.
Winter & Summer Camps
Aside from our regular courses, the Mind Lab also offers summer and winter camps which give students the chance to explore many topics and areas of interest in a fun and engaging atmosphere.
Training & Capacity Building
Our courses for both students under 18 and teachers cover topics in Robotics, Engineering, Design Thinking, and Scientific Research.

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